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We propose you the creation of a professional, ergonomic and mobile compatible website for your company, whether to describe your activity and to make you known or to sell directly your products / services.


 Our Offers

There are two major types of websites in the professional field :


  • The Showcase website, which as its name suggests serves to provide a virtual showcase to your company in order to present it to as many people as possible

  • The Webshop, which is the second type of web site, allows it to add the possibility to sell your products, services, etc ... directly online


We offer you the possibility to create a showcase site or an online store and you will find below the lists of the different options / features included depending on the type of site you choose.


 Showcase website offer

 Reservation or transfer of your domain name

 High performance dedicated server hosting with 50 GB of disk space

 Creation of a dedicated mail address "contact@yourdomain.com"

 Creation of the website (design) and its contents according to your requests

 Responsive design for perfect adaptability on mobile phones and tablets

 Natural referencing (SEO) of your website

 Setting up share buttons on social networks

 Optionally, we can install a CMS (excepted e-commerce ones) like Wordpress or Joomla

 Webshop offer

 Reservation or transfer of your domain name

 High performance dedicated server hosting with 50 GB of disk space

 Creation of a dedicated mail address "contact@yourdomain.com"

 Installing the e commerce CMS Prestashop, allowing you to manage your shop, your products, etc ...

Implementation also of a customized design and custom features


 Responsive design for perfect adaptability on mobile phones and tablets

 Natural referencing (SEO) of your website

 Setting up share buttons on social networks


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